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I'm a PhD student and psychologist-in-training on a mission to provide YOU with the most effective tools, methods, and guides that will help you reclaim your life and story. Here, you'll find books, workbooks, and bite-size guides to support you on your journey to healing & recovery.

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This fictional podcast packs an empowering, comforting storyline that presents bite-size methods for healing & recovery.


Books and Workbooks that were written and created specifically for overworked brains that just need a little support


Always informative, often whimsical carousels of easy-to-digest methods for quick relief from everyday mental traps.


Take the Scripting You Quiz and let the results guide you to your personalized (and effective!) Motivating Mantra to help you go from 'stuck in that trigger' to 'Calm, Cool, Collected, and Let's Make Life Happen!'

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