These aren't ordinary books with long, boring passages that take forever to read. These are actionable, quick tools that will become a vital part of making your healing (and life) easier.

25 years of experience working with survivors of narcissistic abuse, intimate partner violence, coercive control, and manipulated attachment provided a solid foundation of tools, techniques, and motivations for leaving a remorseless abusive partner. This book was written just for survivors who need that extra bit of support in order to leave.

leave your abuser

50 Ways to

your rsd


with kids at home

Getting Work Done

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria can be one of the most debilitating thinking traps in the world of a neuro-divergent or traumatized survivor. This book covers a wide range of clever reframes and serves as a reference point for helping you care for your RSD while taking small-though-mighty steps to see the truth and feel better.

When you're working from home, keeping kids occupied can be an impossible task. The tools in this little guide will help you not only get work done, but also use the most effective communication tools for helping your kids learn vital self-direction skills. Ready to get work done while keeping the kids happy? This guide has got your back.

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read into things

The story may be fictional, but the healing tools are real. This podcast was created to give survivors the support & empowerment they need to heal.

Reclaimers Podcast

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